“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

Benjamin Franklin

Ah, mornings. Some people are just the morning type but sadly I’m not. Not because I hate mornings but I dread waking up because I don’t get quality sleep throughout the night.  My three kids are pretty clingy and they stick near me at night that they took up all my space thus leaving me uncomfortable. Just imagine kid no. 1 on my right, no. 2 on my left and no. 3 on top. Therefore every time I wake up in the morning feeling even more exhausted and zombified because I didn’t get good quality sleep. But given the benefit off waking up early in the morning I guess its a good start to start changing my lifestyle habit. There are many suggested morning routines however I have narrowed down 7 morning routine tips  which I find intriguing that could change your life. Lets get a good head start before heading to the office!

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