It all started with a REJECTION. Emerssa was founded by Mas Nadiana who was an engineer whom decided to venture out from the technical field. The idea of starting a clothing line cater for office wear was based on experience working in the corporate world for 10 years. Being judged by the first impression and not by her credibility just based on how she was dressed, she decided to improve and put more effort in appearance to climb up the corporate ladder.

Recognizing the importance of “dress for success”, our founder decided to help muslimah career women out there who not only chasing their dreams and ambition but at the same time juggle in between being a mom, wife, daughter and a servant of Allah. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help busy women to look beautiful, presentable, fashion forward by providing beautiful office wear yet still maintain muslimah compliance

We believe that there is nothing more empowering and sophisticated when we are dress right

Our Look

It is an undeniable statement that if you are dress right, you will radiate confidence within. However confidence also comes in all shapes and sizes. Our look will range from modern, business formal, business casual, chic and also traditional. Our aim is to diversify so you will have a broad selections to choose from.

Our Promise

Time is of the essence and also an important aspect to deal in our current situation. We understand you are juggling a lot of things most of the time. Whether you are a career mom, juggling between work, kids and family or an ambitious muslim making your way up on the career ladder. Emerssa is aware of these challenges and our garments are made to be versatile. We will ensure that wherever you work, we’ve made it easy to dress for a full agenda.