In the corporate world, it is important to make good first impression especially if we are dealing with customer on a day-to-day basis. There is scientific evidence that looking your best makes you more persuasive, confident and successful. People perceive a well groom person as more trustworthy and productive in all areas of their lives. However for some, this will not likely be the case for busy career moms. We are so consume with our hectic schedule trying to manage our job, kids, husband, house chores and running errands that by the end of the day we couldn’t care less about our appearance. Looking our best is something that we likely tend to forget.

Looking beautiful doesn’t require a big change or a lot of work. It is important that we take the initiative to groom our self as this is a sign of respect for our self and for the people around us, proving that we care enough to make an effort. All you need is to make some time for yourself to raise your style game.


Key is to plan and organize. If you are ready for a change and ready to revamp yourself, here I have some useful tips for busy career mommies out there on how to look fashionable and presentable for work.

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