Lalissa Skirt Blue Plaid


With the Korean rave fashion hype ongoing, We hear you! We love Korean fashion too. Therefore we’ve come up with a Muslimah Korean Style line for trendy blazer and skirt. Make it modest. Make it fashion.

Suitable for business casual meetings, street style and casual outings.

Details and features

  • Size available from XS to 3XL (Pick 1 size smaller from your normal size)
  • Half-waist band – waist are adjustable and can expand up to additional 6 inch
  • Five (5) front button
  • Pocket
  • Side zipper
  • A-cut design
  • Requires minimal ironing
  • Available in 3 plaid colors (gold plaid, bronze plaid & blue plaid)
  • Material: Cotton material
  • Tailored and smart fit fitting

Get the complete look with Lalissa blazer or Siwon blazer – click link –>

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